Saturday 29 July 2023

'HyperStoniK' a must in the making. The first 'StoniK' engine plugin

     Already at the end of July 2023, not seeing the time spent this summer with the birth of the software specially designed for the KVRDC23 event. A little late on the documentation but already very freshly debugged... Still needs to be refined a little and if you want to adopt it, do not hesitate to come and make your suggestions on the KVR at this address:

For now, with the little time I have (I'm human and I need to sleep so I hope the aliens will understand and leave me alone). I'm just going to share this ephemeral page for the purposes of the contest and with a clear head, I would write a whole novel on all the facets of this software (it wants to be the successor of SloTone in 64 bits but it is in fact much more than that ...). At the same time ROMpler, Slicer, Glitcher, Crusher, it also has a small panel of very practical and interesting effects to dose (Flanger, quantized delay, Reverb, EQ...). That you can also route a bit as you want if you have a tinkering spirit and like to fiddle with sound mechanics...

     Here is a small demo which exposes the rather simple sounds which accompany the bundle as well as other Soundware resulting from the KVR and which were optimized recently (perhaps one day downloadable with some additional authorizations).

Link of KVR page

The site will be redone soon to make it easier to understand the compatibility of such sound banks with such software, but roughly speaking, only PiKTriX and HyperStoniK are still updated at present and SloTone still benefits from Neo-compatibility with the 'StoniK' sound banks...

And some sound banks are compatible for both software (ideally)...

Sunday 4 July 2021

PiKTrix Ony or PiKTriX Qi-rack (simple Low CPU or Full experimental version)




(Rompler / creator d'instruments)

(Sample Instruments Collector Tool)

    PiKTrix is the ultime 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool' by Midi Mobiles. For create your own soundbank, all you have to do is list the sounds using a small utility integrated into the PiKTrix interface in ~patch.pkt and ~pitch.txt files (pitch modifications on the corresponding lines). 

    PiKTrix comes in 2 versions Ony and Qi-Rack. If the first is a simple version having only common functions of PiKTrix, the second is a version more focused on experimentations and sound design thanks to the master effects (Flanger / Phaser / Delay / Reverb) coupled with the Fader Morph (gradual passage from one sound configuration to another A or B).
   The Morph Fader integrates just as well the control of the Master FX as the EQ / ADSR / Volume / Stereo Phase / Pan / FiltoDrag ...

   Both versions are accompanied by a FiltoDrag, Envelope generator of creative filters to boost the sound or even play with the pitch.


  The robust arpeggiator integrated into the Qi-Rack is not to be outdone with the possibility of recording a configuration of notes pressed 'Hold' on each patch and quite extensive settings such as the execution mode of the arpeggios in Up / Down / Alternate1 / Alternate2, the Rate and number of octaves ...

  To return to the Qi-Rack version, 5 Oscillators can be routed to the Flanger / Phaser or to the Arp module to modify the execution speed and synchronize everything using virtual cables to be connected to the right places (interface slightly different in 32 and 64 bits concerning the cabling ...)

Saturday 8 September 2018

SloTone - A new slice software

   SloTone is a new slice software, a kind of improved version of EcolooP with a single Slot. 3 versions are now available, SloTone_Organizer and SloTone_Player.

   The Ultralite version is just a rompler / expander of SloTone (without keyboard and Slice view on the waveform). It's the last one of these and participates to the KVR DC 2018 during the septembers month. A next article will arrive soon in this English blog about the Ultalite version. Speak about the Organizer and Player version now...

     If one allows you to organize Midi Mobiles soundbanks as its name suggests, the second allows you to play them with a more or less similar graphical interface, you can display the waveforms and find them there 128 slices attached to the sound!
     a kind of 128 Step seq function that can go up to 128 steps based on midi quantization grids can help you stripping your old sounds on new tempos and model them in a more or less random way by using templates and possibilities of reindexing and index randomization.
Some midi files will be used to encapsulate your melodic rhythmic loops...

    The FX functions are certainly rudimentary (Low pass filter with resonance and stereo phase adjustment / Gain / pan). Waiting for others that will be grafted in the FX part (do not look by checking FX, they are not yet present in these versions)
      Compared to EcolooP, SloTone consumes much less CPU and loads much faster at startup. All information is encapsulated in Slices data listed in text files appended to the .wav sound.

       SloTone Player can be loaded on multiple instances of the same plugin in your Host sequencer and SloTone Organizer will preferably be used in Stand Alone mode with possibility of reassigning slices by using a conceptual right click menu on the waveform...

      3 sound banks are delivered with the software (Polytron, Deep electro vol.1, Midi Mobiles Orchestra - Percussion) and will allow you to take in hand rather quickly the interface with already prepared sounds…
     Larger banks of sounds will bloom periodically on the site and help you decorate your productions out of inspiration with more original sounds..

In our workshop factory 
Slug of sounds ... Our volunteers
will always be at your fingertips
to enhance your
new bank wishes
sounds ready for use.
Get involved in production!

Nous avons besoin de vous !

  • Soundbank made for SloTone ( - click to download - ) :
    • Polytron : the grain of monotron in polyphonic version 
    • Deep Electro vol.1 : a disappeared soundbank we are not sure of having permission to exploit the sounds . But since we could not contact the editor ... (To be continued)
    • Midi Mobiles Orchestra - Percussions : It's MMO - Winds that preceded it compatible EcolooP (soon SloTone maybe). We now have its percussive counterpart! Still with the free sounds of the University of Iowa we thank you very much
Hoping that there is at least 2 out of 3 in this beautiful trio here the next days ...

We also have unofficial patches but we will strive to keep them to avoid creating a copyright until next order...

Saturday 2 August 2014

EcolooP - A new original sampler creative tool

EcolooP is now in version 1.9998

A new sampler tool that integrated some originals functions for recreate a new loop, pattern or song by recycling record sound or by importing custums waves file or sliced wave files (EcoWav) Allowing to create or open pre-existent instruments. There's an administrator note mode with different possibilities to locking up sound.

Download Donaware version

Make sure to manually put the EcolooP directory with its .dll file in your plugin directory or that will be unusable !!!

A loop generator allowing to calculate tempo loop and save the informations in text files with time segments annexed to sounds files and save differents data parameters for a sound ...
P.S : A lot of sound files compatible with EcolooP already exist and EcolooP soundbank can be easily open for playing music with them...
Some video tutorial and documentation should follow.
The Midimobile blog is in the course of translation for anglophiles user.
Until this day, EcolooP can work in different host like Savihost, VSTHost, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loop...
I have not made out a will on the others yet.
I not guaranteed thus not the compatibility on all systems.

This is a lot of bank sounds links compatible with EcolooP :

And don't forget to download the update of instruments patch (recommended to use the new version of EcolooP)  :

Put and replace these in your EcolooP instrument repertory
And if you are a newbie or met some difficulties to use EcolooP, try EcolooPStartKit before, with included EcolooP in standalone, manual user and tutorials in .pdf

A new article will soon be published for more links as well as and custums informations and new soundbank of course...

by waiting the user manual, this is a quick getting start for how to load an EcolooP soundbank

And now, this is the beta user manual of introduction to EcolooP. Some corrections will be later brought...