Saturday, 2 August 2014

EcolooP - A new original sampler creative tool

EcolooP is now in version 1.9994

A new sampler tool that integrated some originals functions for recreate a new loop, pattern or song by recycling record sound or by importing custums waves file or sliced wave files (EcoWav) Allowing to create or open pre-existent instruments. There's an administrator note mode with different possibilities to locking up sound.

Download Donaware version

Make sure to manually put the EcolooP directory with its .dll file in your plugin directory or that will be unusable !!!

A loop generator allowing to calculate tempo loop and save the informations in text files with time segments annexed to sounds files and save differents data parameters for a sound ...
P.S : A lot of sound files compatible with EcolooP already exist and EcolooP soundbank can be easily open for playing music with them...
Some video tutorial and documentation should follow.
The Midimobile blog is in the course of translation for anglophiles user.
Until this day, EcolooP can work in different host like Savihost, VSTHost, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loop...
I have not made out a will on the others yet.
I not guaranteed thus not the compatibility on all systems.

This is a lot of bank sounds links compatible with EcolooP :

And don't forget to download the update of instruments patch (recommended to use the new version of EcolooP)  :

Put and replace these in your EcolooP instrument repertory
And if you are a newbie or met some difficulties to use EcolooP, try EcolooPStartKit before, with included EcolooP in standalone, manual user and tutorials in .pdf

A new article will soon be published for more links as well as and custums informations and new soundbank of course...

by waiting the user manual, this is a quick getting start for how to load an EcolooP soundbank

And now, this is the beta user manual of introduction to EcolooP. Some corrections will be later brought...