Tuesday, 6 August 2013

This is my plugins making with synthedit. Some of this like FadorY, BotteX, SilhoueT are intended to send midi message to other plugins or midi hardware.

  These can improve the potentialities of Midi external controls peripheral hardware, after the configuration of the input message to the Midi Mobiles source software (FadorY, BotteX...) that will after send midi messages to the slave plugins. They can serve to clone surface of controls in several cases, to save patchs and recall at any times parameters to update the fader positions in live mode.

I have essentially test the Midi Mobiles with BCF2000 and BCR2000 (Behringer) with motor faders and Keylaunch  (Novation) without motor faders (thanks an A.I shadow fader)
This plugins assembles with several software in an open host software like Cantabile, VSTHost, Bidules, Studio Unit...)
But these can work as well in 'standalone' with Savihost. (put the .dll plugins to the same repertories of the .exe savihost program and rename 'savihost' in the name of the VST)

It will be necessary for it to install Midi virtual cables like Midi yoke (freeware but old) or Loopbe30 (a free version with an only cable Loopbe1). Copperlan is more recent and possesses more features.

The others plugins in this website like the FX ReverbR send midi messages when we pass from a patch to an other one (practical when we want transfer the midi data to a fadorY for example).

All are in free download...