Audios demo of 'Midi Mobiles Orchestra - Winds'

This is audios demo page of Midi Mobiles. Every instruments present in the soundbank are separetly record and the number as well as the title of the instruments can tell us for search quickly the program for an overview of the possibilities offered by this soundbank...

If you have not already EcolooP, download the new version which alone will enable you to use this orchestra soundbank.
List of the orchestra programs :

Woods :

_ Bassoon (chorus).fxp
_ Bassoon.fxp
_ Clarinet Bass (chorus).fxp
_ Clarinet Bass.fxp
_ Clarinet Bb (chorus).fxp
_ Clarinet Bb.fxp
_ Clarinet Eb (chorus).fxp
_ Clarinet Eb.fxp
_ Clarinets.fxp (all the clarinets sounds - not present in 'winds.fxb')
_ Flute Alto (chorus).fxp
_ Flute Alto.fxp
_ Flute Bass Vib (chorus).fxp
_ Flute Bass Vib.fxp
_ Flute NoVib (chorus).fxp
_ Flute NoVib.fxp
_ Flute Vib (chorus).fxp
_ Flute Vib.fxp
_ Flutes.fxp (all the flutes sounds - not present in 'winds.fxb')
_ Oboes (chorus).fxp
_ Oboes.fxp
_ Sax Alto NoVib (Chorus).fxp
_ Sax Alto NoVib.fxp
_ Sax Alto Vib (Chorus).fxp
_ Sax Alto Vib.fxp (all the alto sax sounds - not present in 'winds.fxb')
_ Sax Alto.fxp (all the alto sax sounds)
_ Sax Soprano NoVib (chorus).fxp
_ Sax Soprano NoVib.fxp
_ Sax Soprano Vib (Chorus).fxp
_ Sax Soprano Vib.fxp
_ Sax Soprano.fxp (all the soprano sax sounds - not present in 'winds.fxb')

Brass :

_ Bass Trombone (chorus).fxp
_ Bass Trombone.fxp
_ Brass.fxb
_ Horn (chorus).fxp
_ Horn.fxp
_ Tenor Trombone (chorus).fxp
_ Tenor Trombone.fxp
_ Trumpet no vib (chorus).fxp
_ Trumpet no vib.fxp
_ Trumpet vib (chorus).fxp
_ Trumpet vib.fxp
_ Trumpet.fxp
_ Tuba (chorus).fxp
_ Tuba.fxp
Not to mention the piano.fxp located in the piano repertory programs...

 Si vous avez des problèmes pour lire la playlist intégré, voici les sons séparés :  
Flute Vibrato (Winds program n°3)

Horn (Winds program n°3)

Clarinet Eb (Winds program n°21)

Tuba (Winds program n°41)

Basson (Winds program n°27)

Trumpet Vib (Winds program n°31)

Trombone Bass (Winds program n°39)

Clarinet Bass (Winds program n°25)

Trombone Tenor (Winds Program n°37)

Flute Bass Vibrato (Winds program n°9)

Soprano Sax (Winds program n°13)

Trombone Bass 2 (Winds program n°39)

Sax Alto Vibrato (Winds program n°17)

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